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After the female is pregnant, what should assure oneself above all is healthy, only such ability can allow the growth of fetal health, nevertheless a few pregnant woman brought about the happening of phthisical disease as a result of a variety of elements, this disease is very big to the harm degree of the body, what can affect baby more is healthy, undertake in time handling only so, ability can be reducedLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Right fetal and the harm of pregnant woman, so how did pregnant woman get tuberculosis to do?

Pregnant woman got tuberculosis how to do

The first, did pregnant woman get tuberculosis how to do? Gravid to the woman course and fetal development do not have tuberculosis of blame activity sex how old influence, and gravid also do not have apparent effect to phthisical illness. But, the mobile sex tuberculosis with pathological changes bigger range is sowed like blood type medicinal powder model tuberculosis and soak tuberculosis, easy happening abortion and premature delivery. Gravid childbirth will be aggravating illness, recommend puerpera death even. Accordingly, yo age woman suffers from tuberculosis to be in mobile period to should avoid to be pregnant, should be in gravid 12 weeks of adept induced abortion, effect a radical cure tuberculosis (need about 1, 2 years) consider again gravid.

Pregnant woman got tuberculosis how to do

The 2nd, because woman and their child contact is intimate, so the mother suffers from mobile sex tuberculosis to be able to constitute genuine menace to the baby. Die at tuberculosis in him mother constantly before, the child that already gave them innocently is infected went up tuberculosis. Although the occurence rate of transmission of phthisical mother baby under 5% , if bacili of phlegmy check n/med tuberculosis is negative when childbirth of phthisical pregnant woman, criterion new student should vaccination, but need not treat, do not make as far as possible motherForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Baby segregation, the baby of mother milk feed should continue mother milk feedForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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, muzzle should be taken before be being nursed every time.

Pregnant woman got tuberculosis how to do

The 3rd, lactation woman should continue to take when if the mother labors,fighting; of n/med tuberculosis medicine, phlegmy check is masculine gender, and infantile case is good, what should give a baby 3 months is preventive change cure, and not experiment of the tuberculin after 3 months is like vaccination for negative, but medicaments of out of service, if vaccination; is masculine gender, change cure again 3 months; turns to if the baby has n/med tuberculosis,can give infantile vaccination; for negative like tuberculin test result toxic symptom, expressional low heat, suck the breast little, cough, angular when waiting for a symptom, should give whole journey to refuse n/med tuberculosis treatment, in order to prevent the happening of meningitis of n/med tuberculosis sex.

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Tuberculosis can use short distance to change cure, use drug jointly as early as possible, with what medicaments need follows the doctor’s advice, can cause fetal occurrence problem otherwise. Because the n/med tuberculosis bacili inside body of phthisical pregnant woman passes blood to be sowed all right,come loose pass fetal, in pregnancyForum of Shanghai noble baby

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The baby that gets infection goes outForum of Shanghai night net

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It is normal to when be born, can be behaved, but 3 weeks of or so weight after be born increase no longer, have n/med tuberculosis toxic symptom.

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