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After hands or feet perspires icy, be one kind is not very normal phenomenon, this kind showsForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Because place of kidney deficiency of yang is brought about,the elephant is commonly. And kidney deficiency of yang the function to human body health and each respect, also having certain effect, appearing so after the problem of kidney deficiency of yang, need adopts appropriate method to undertake recuperating to the body. The Chinese traditional medicine that kidney deficiency of yang introduces for everybody below therapeutics!

After hands or feet perspires icy

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1, decoct soup sends cassia twig the root of fangfeng ball of the air that take kidney

Kidney air ball is lukewarm kidney those who help this world advocate square. Square in filling kidney of cultivated land Gan Wen, benefiting liver of hill dogwood flesh, yam is lienal, 3 medicine are operable, filling kidney raises liver profit lienal; Match with monkshood, cassia twig (or cinnamonic) lukewarm kidney helps this world; Lustre have diarrhoea, tuckahoe, the root bark of the tree peony connects discharge liver lienal kidney 3 dirty foul smell. Completely square lukewarm and not dry, grow and not be bored with, enrage in Wen Hua kidney again. With cassia twig the root of fangfeng disperse the internal heat with sudorifics is in the chill of the watch, decoct soup sends ball of the air that take kidney, Forum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby

After hands or feet perspires icy

2, soup of decoct of Su Xie ginger sends take right put in bolus ‘s charge

Right put in bolus ‘s charge ” right ” namely the meaning of the gate of vitality, the right person that return shows medicine puts in the gate of vitality ‘s charge lukewarm filling kidney is in relief. Antler glue has feeling for flesh and blood1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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article, flavour salty sex is lukewarm, superintend and director of lukewarm filling kidney 2 arteries and veins; Hill dogwood flesh, yam, medlar is nourishing liver kidney; Zhuang Yang of lukewarm kidney of dodder, cinnamonic, monkshood; Angelica, the bark of eucommia is lukewarm the kidney that raise liver, dispel is cold strong waist. Completely square in all Zou Wenyang fills kidney is strong lumbar effect. The Wei cold limb that every kidney deficiency of yang declines and sends is cold, lumbar genu is soft, feed little jalf congealed, complexionA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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White, or impotent, oedema waits, all applicably. Send with soup of decoct of Su Xie, ginger take, in Yu Wenyang of volatilize chill contain, have the profit that each other fills for benefit. Be like deficiency of yang not very person, also but first induce sweat is applied after that lukewarm fill.

3, medicine to be taken after being mixed with boiling water of fat of filling bone of medicine made of two or more ingredients

Just have kidney of lukewarm filling liver originally, the action of strong bones and muscles. Just use filling bone fat, Chinese cynomorium kidney of lukewarm filling liver; Backbone of teasel root, dog is strong bones and muscles; Invigorate the circulation of blood of the root of herbaceous peony changes Yu, sealwort beneficial gas raises shade, the lumbar genu that apply to kidney deficiency of yang and sends is painful and lumbar strain. The chill of this kind of patient catchs a cold,

After hands or feet perspires icy

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, Bu Tianling piece

Just be filling kidney Zhuang Yang originally, fill the agent of seed profit marrow. The square sheep that use excessive leaveses of pulse plants, bed of colza of fat of celestial being cogongrass, filling bone, Chinese cynomorium, leek, cinnamonic, red ginseng, snake child lukewarm filling kidney is in relief; Whip of the whip that use a dog, Yang Bian, ox, ass whip, ermine whip, sea otter, medlar, pilose antler fills seed profit marrow; Use the root of bidentate achyranthes strong anything resembling a tendon or vein is strong bone. Just apply to kidney in relief deficit originally, impotent premature ejaculation, lumbar genu is soft, seminal emission spontaneous, wei cold limb is cold, the look is weary wait feebly. The person that experience chill, soup of decoct of usable Su Xie, ginger sends take Bu Tianling piece, but a flesh and blood have feeling article more, unfavorable take more.

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