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A lot of parents hope he can have a healthy baby, because this is in pregnancy when, can make each inspection regularly, will detect fetal have what problem. Among them, abnormal sieve is checked even if a kind of more important pregnancy inspects an item, pass this oneForum of Shanghai night net

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Kind examination, can affirm the child is existing problem of a few deformation. Of course, the specific project that abnormal sieve consults also has a lot of kinds, a few common kinds are compared for everybody introduction below!

Abnormal sieve is checked specific what to check

1, colour exceeds the examination that discharge abnormal

Colour exceeds the examination that discharge abnormal to include three-dimensional colour exceeds and 4 dimension colour exceeds an examination.

Check time: Be pregnant 20 weeks control a hospital to undertake checking, do not exceed 28 weeks as far as possible.

Inspect an item: Basically check the place such as fetal lip ministry, nose, heart to have do not have apparently congenital blemish or unusual, facilitate carry in front of to check deformation of hydrocephalus, limb, rachis to crack, first palate of anxiety, lipLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
Crack wait for a disease.

Sweet clew: The parent needs to notice, not complete reliance exceeds an examination at B, it is not a god implement. The disease that because chromosome is unusual,causes, like congenital I wait for deformation, this kind of method is to cannot detect go out.

Abnormal sieve is checked specific what to check

2, Tang sieve is checked

Undertake checking to the female’s blood, basis among them armour embryo albumen (AFP) with the mankindLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum
Hormone of chorion hurried sexual gland (β – the chroma of HCG) , judge fetal chromosome to have as good as constant, this is Tang asks for a sieve integratedly to check.

Check time: 14 weeks + 6 days of ~ 18 weeks + 6 days, be in as far as possible 16 ~ 18 weeks between.

Check a method: Very small to mother baby harm, examination way is simple, need only draw-out a few vein blood, safety does not have danger.

Sweet clew: Need to notice to check time especially, too early or the accuracy that may affect examination result behindhand too, abide by examination time strictly please.

Abnormal sieve is checked specific what to check

3, amniotic fluid puncture

Check time: Be pregnant 16 ~ 24

Check a method: The doctor will grow again fine punctureForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Pinprick enters pregnant woman system inside, the ultrasonic probe that relies on the installation on puncture needle is video, make puncture needle passes the place such as layer of flesh of celiac wall, uterus, amnion to enter amnion antrum, draw-out amniotic fluid, take the amniotic fluid that about 25 milliliter control commonly. Repass amniotic fluid checks composition of the chromosome inside fetal cell, DNA, biochemistry to wait.

Sweet clew: Because amniotic fluid puncture is put in abortive possibility, accordinglyNewForum of Shanghai night net

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Want careful alternative.

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