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Uric fluid is OK reaction gives the healthy state of a person, because this people can pass uric check,this kind of means checks hisSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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The body, some people can give the case with high sick at heart of existing make water when uric check. The cause that causes this kind of condition has a lot of, the kidney that is people likely appears problem and bring about, was to have too much purine thing likely and cause. Tall meeting existence has uric sick at heart a lot of inedible food, cure acid introduces what to cannot eat high in detail below.

What cannot cure acid eat high

What cannot uric acid eat high

Uric acid cannot eat the food with purine fast content high, resemble rabbit meat, goose, duck flesh, chickenA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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The flesh, banger, ham, hotpot, beef, pork and pluck, purine content is higherFall in love with the sea

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, should not eat as far as possible. Earthnut, xianggu mushroom, dawdle, legume, spinach, fish, shrimp kind etc inside also contain rife purine material, also should want to avoid.

The person with uric high sick at heart does not eat hot food, the problem that the food of acrimony stimulation invites easily also uric sick at heart is high becomes more severe, should drink a few water more, fluid letting make water is attenuant, let the eduction with uric faster acid, precautionary stone is formed, avoid uric fluid to condense, perhaps can drink a few water appropriately in the middle of the night before sleep.

The person with uric high sick at heart does not want1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Eat seafood, resemble crab, shrimp, cuttlefish, squid, do not eat, dawdle kind resemble Xianggu mushroom, dawdle, food should with delicate give priority to.

What cannot cure acid eat high

What is the reason with uric high sick at heart

Uric sick at heart is high absorb material of too much purine for long to bring about namely, the uric acid accumulation inside the body is overmuch, the person with uric so high sick at heart appears easily gouty problem, in food the respect must impose control more, avoid uremia, gouty disease happens, uric sick at heart is high also be kidney canaliculus likely or kidney spherule appeared problem, the kidney is the main thoroughfare that uric acid excretes, if nephritic respect appears problem, affect uric acid easilyNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Excrete, also likely acid of body make water metabolizes to be caused unusually. A few genetic material are in human body among the process that decompose, may becauseFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Certain is enzymatic be synthesized normally without method and bring about unusual decompose purine, bring about overmuch uric acid to appear.

What cannot cure acid eat high

Uric acid cannot eat what fruit high

Uric acid cannot eat Durian high, durian is hot sex fruit, rife nutrition material and protein are contained inside, can let algidity purify achieve warm body effect, durian often does cake of a few sweetmeats to eat, classics regular meeting eats this kind of fruit. The quantity of heat that contains inside Durian and candy cent are more, not be to suit particularly for tall to uric acid patient so, the person with uric high sick at heart should avoid to choose Durian as far as possible in choice fruity moment, can eat a few other fruits to replace.

Uric acid also cannot eat watermelon high, rife moisture content is contained inside watermelon, can let the body form more uric fluid, make micturition more, the toxin inside body faster eduction, rife candy component also is contained inside watermelon, it is very adverse for fast to uric acid crowd, the person with uric so high sick at heart can a few eat a few watermelon, inedible is too much, be opposite otherwise healthy and bad.

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