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Be in a few factories, in the hand department job that some people pursue, want to operate machine, let a fingernail not carefully probably break up, so, how did fingernail break up to do? But our fingernail hasFall in love with the sea

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The ability that grows again. In normal affection1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Everyday 0.1 millimeter. Most person needs 1-3 month, can grow new nail completely. And, we can adopt these methods below, stimulative fingernail grows.

Fingernail broke up how to do

Allow the method that the fingernail grows quickly

1, eat more protein

The bases of fingernail is protein, so you should eat protein more above all. Eat thin fowl, fish, beef and pork more for example, still have spinach and other the beverage that contains protein, be like milk, albumen pink, ability chairman gets such nail faster.

2, complement vitamin

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Pledge in vain, want fingernail to grow more quickly, a lot of vitamins are indispensable also. Be like vitamin D, C and A, grow what can assure fingernail as soon as possible.

Fingernail broke up how to do

3, circulation of blood of stimulative hand ministry

Good blood can make your fingernail grows more quickly circularly, it is to adopt normally take exercise to start work more or strengthening is to use both hands of lukewarm leach bubble, be braided daily or play basketball to be able to quicken haemal circulation, make fingernail grows more quickly.

Fingernail broke up how to do

4, protect good fingernail

When the fingernail gets hurt, want to notice to protect good fingernail, when cleaning a room, remember wearing balata glove, prevent bleacher of fingernail bring into contact with or other changeForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Learn to taste, do not want daub fingernail oil to mask the bruise of fingernail, do not gnaw bite nail.

5, medicine of daub diminish inflammation

After fingernail drops not only the influence is beautiful, and affect fungus easily, form brothers tinea, ringworm of the body, the severe skin disease such as tinea, erysipelas, because this suggests fingernail falls off,should go to a hospital as soon as possible, advisory doctor, daubA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Antiphlogistic medicine, prevent fungus infection, fingernail canker, the influence grows speed.

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