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The peaceful wave area that is in our country is very burning hot, and the food with peaceful wave the famousest area gives birth to decoct to wrap namely, because be in the southern region of our country, so Ning Bo’s air temperature is in summer when, some time can be as high as 40 degrees even, so we should eat a few more delicate and cool food as far as possible on food, take course of a few cold and dressed with sause more, what does the cookbook of dish of the daily life of a family of area of so peaceful wave have?

Cookbook of dish of peaceful wave the daily life of a family

1, shrimp Chan bean curd

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Shrimp Chan appears on the dining table of peaceful wave person. Shrimp Chan flesh is qualitative particularly delicate, little and thorn is soft, with bean curd a braise in soy sauce, the sort of can the person ability that the delicious flavor of absorb has had only understands.

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2, three-colored amaranth canal

The flavor of the sort of cool leisurely, taking dot barmy intense breath, eating is relaxed however in the mouth without broken bits. Absorb is worn bulky three-colored amaranthShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Provide the wonderful taste in, imperceptible, already a few bowls of big ground rice fall abdomen.

3, soup of knot of face of fried bean curd

Face knot is the characteristic cate that wraps make it of fresh pork stuffing with fabaceous portfolio, peaceful wave person likes boiling water of knot taking a side, match on a few fried bean curd, relaxed fully medium the move is delicious, very delicious.

4, soy water burns Mei Yu

Plum fish price is relatively cheap, qualitative, delicacy spends the flesh pretty good however. Especially this kind cries ” Mei Tong ” big Mei Yu, the whole body is delicate without scale, with explode the soy water of sweet green ginger boils on a few minutes, very delicate.

5, soup of salty Ji New Year cake

The lose one’s appetite in summer, when be disinclined to cook, the peaceful wave person of old a copy kept as a record can boil boiling water of New Year cake of on one boiler, in the summer, green vegetables is not suit soup of the New Year cake that boil most distribute food, the ability of potherb mustard salty Ji of be bored with of solution of little feel well is appetizing most good thing. Put bit of shredded meat, stir-fry before stewing is sweet salty Ji, the peaceful wave New Year cake of tie-in smooth soft glutinous, flavour is very sufficient.

6, liver mosses dish pulls yellow croaker

Will fresh little yellow croaker goes scale tears open bone, take the flesh to hang panada, and panada plants the liver mosses course that mix into joins pink makes this dish much again the flavor with a sweet delicacy. Hold panada, in past oil boiler one ” procrastinate ” , enthusiastic ground embraces hot oil to pull yellow croaker to roll. After answer blast, outside crisp in tender, xianxiang is goluptious.

Cookbook of dish of peaceful wave the daily life of a family

7, slimy snail

Person of peaceful wave of old a copy kept as a record likes to eat on a few Bacchic Huang Ni in summer snail is appetizing. The slimy snail flesh after souse pledges fragile tender bright slips, taking full-bodied wine sweet, exceedingly delicious and appetizing.

8, smoked fish

Should do with what fish about smoked fish, there also is difference in interior of peaceful wave person it seems that. Rely on the and other places elephantine mountain of the sea, often be fond ofShanghai noble baby

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Spanish mackerel comes stripping and slicing does smoked fish, taste delicious flesh pledges fleshy. And the place that does not rely on the sea, previously more it is to be able to use the fresh water fish such as grass carp to do smoked fish, sweet crisp is tender. Without giving thought to which kind of fish, the peaceful wave smoked fish of old a copy kept as a record can mix on a bit sweet-and-sour juice, outside crisp li of tender mouthfeel, it is first-rate cole of a go with wine.

9, smelly wax gourd

Ning Bo 3 smelly one of, the go with rice in summer is magical implement. The peaceful wave talent that is grandma level commonly can make this food. Wax gourd sends out after souse ferments a powerful flavour, but on clip a bit send the entrance pitch, it is full pure and fresh and delicious flavor however. On drop a bit sesame oil, cool embellish delicacy is sweet, flavor is boundless.

Cookbook of dish of peaceful wave the daily life of a family

10, sea melon seeds

The sea melon seeds of the sea melon seeds that peaceful wave person says and other and southern region is two kinds of completely different seafood actually. Sea melon seeds of Ning Bo shows case is frivolous only and show pink, the flesh is qualitative a kind of particularly delicate and delicious shellfish. Price of sea melon seeds does not poor, but weight is very light, also be the dish of delicate the daily life of a family of summer of peaceful wave person so. Pork of sea melon seeds is less, but for the friend that drinks to love, comparing this kind1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Need slowly the dish of choose suits go with wine more.

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