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Constitutional photograph of the child is weaker than be being compared at adult, so major child falls ill very easily, the child falls ill need is treated through drinking drug1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Cure, but general child does not like to drink drug, need parent is fed to the child, in the process that feeds medicine, after some darling took drug even, can spit come, such darling eat not to enter castration, disease does not have method to receive treatment, so does the child drink medicine to be spat how to do?

The child drinks medicine to be spat how to do

The following should remember when darling feeds medicine:

1, before feeding medicine, had better not nurse to darling first, because darling is not hungry,can reject to take medicine, hard fill goes down to also can cause sickness.

2, the preparative work before feeding medicine does not want1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Allow darling discovery, otherwise darling also can produce vigilant psychology.

3, when preparation feeds medicine, want to disperse the attention of darling, (The stuff that can seek a darling to be interested most will attract her, it is syrup, OK to can drink a dot to darling accompany darling conversation, ) because premonition,prevent darling nervous.

The child drinks medicine to be spat how to do

4, darling is crying the ten million when be troubled by wants to notice, cannot cry greatly in darling cry or inspiratory when hello, otherwise meeting choke arrives tracheal in, create dangerShanghai night net

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5, medicine is in darling mouth when, put tablespoon in her mouth to keep moment more first, wait for darling to go down medical pharynx to take out spoon again, such medicine won’t by darling easily spit come.

6, if darling spits medicine, should undertake filling feeding again according to spat quantity. Bit of boiled water still should be fed more after darling takes drug, make medicine sufficient in the intestines and stomach of darling dissolve.

Drink a few sweeter drug to darling first, for instance the Western medicine of antiphlogistic grain and so on, let darling feel medicine also has sweet, in giving him fill again officinal wait a few bittererShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Good drink much.

If darling still feels medicine is sufferred from, can prepare a small rock candy, the award after waiting for darling to drink drug gives darlingA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Rock candy, darling is eating rock candy to won’t spit medicine, notice rock candy is not too much.

The child drinks medicine to be spat how to do

The child drinks medicine to be spat how to do

When darling is shutting the mouth not to take medicine, can exert all one’s strength the mouth of darling with big ladle maintain (do not do be fond of darling) , enter darling mouth along big ladle fill with the medicine with small good add ladle next in, the attention fastens choke to wear darling.

When feeding a few kinds of medicine to darling, drink to darling at a heat as far as possible, among if have halt baby,can cry be troubled by drink drug no longer. If darling does not drink drug really, in the needle tube that can have not used fill of a decoction of medicinal ingredients what arrive clean, notForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Take syringe needle, on darling corners of the mouth inject goes in. Perhaps buy darling appropriative to nurse implement, a few safer.

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